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Collection REC0002 - RG 001. Office of the Mayor of the City of New York

Collection REC0002 - RG 001/RG 001.EMO. Office of the Mayor, Early Mayors

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This collection consists of the records produced by the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York from 1827 to 1897 in the service of conducting official business. These records have been grouped together into one unit, but each series represents the administration of one of the Mayors for which the Municipal Archives holds the records.
Not every Mayor is represented, and not all records from every Mayor are represented. The records of the earliest Mayors in this group are spotty, while the strength of this collection is with the papers of the later Mayors. These records are materials created in the service of the daily business of the Mayor's Office including: correspondence, reports, drafts, ephemera, and other materials. Other material includes official documentation of the City of New York that required the Mayor's approval, including: warrants, affidavits, applications for licenses, licenses issued, oaths of office, and petitions, among other material. The series entitled Unknown contains material produced by the Mayor's Office but is unable to be attributed to any specific Mayor. An archivist devised the folder titles from the materials contained within. Correspondence folders in particular contain materials that deal with a variety of different subjects.
The Office of the Mayor of New York City heads the executive branch of New York City government. The Mayor is responsible for the governance of all city agencies and offices, administers the city budget, and enforces the laws and statutes of the city. Since the consolidation of the boroughs in 1898, the Mayor has had jurisdiction over all five. The Office of the Mayor began as an appointed position when, in 1665, New York Governor Richard Nicolls appointed Thomas Willett as the first mayor of New York. Since 1834, the Mayor has been elected by a popular vote.

Mayors of the City of New York

Colonial Mayors
Thomas Willett, 1665-1666
Thomas Delavall, 1666-1667
Thomas Willett, 1667-1668
Cornelius Van Steenwyk, 1668-1671
Thomas Delavall, 1671-1672
Matthias Nicoll, 1672-1673
John Lawrence, 1673-1675
William Dervall, 1675-1676
Nicholas De Mayer, 1676-1677
Stephanus Van Cortlandt, 1677-1678
Thomas Delavall, 1678-1679
Francis Rombouts, 1679-1680
William Dyre, 1680-1682
Cornelius Van Steenwyk, 1682-1684
Gabriel Minvielle, 1684-1685
Nicholas Bayard, 1685-1686
Stephanus Van Cortlandt, 1686-1688
Peter Delanoy, 1688-1691
John Lawrence, 1691-1692
Abraham DePeyster, 1692-1694
Charles Lodwik, 1694-1696
William Merritt, 1696-1698
Johanness De Peyster, 1698-1699
David Provost, 1699-1700
Isaac De Reimer, 1700-1701
Thomas Noell, 1701-1702
Thomas Hood, 1702
Phillip French, 1702-1703
William Peartree, 1703-1707
Ebenezer Wilson, 1707-1710
Jacobus Van Cortlandt, 1710-1711
Caleb Heathcote, 1711-1714
John Johnstone, 1714-1719
Jacobus Van Cortlandt, 1719-1720
Robert Walters, 1720-1725
Johannes Jansen, 1725-1726
Robert Lurting, 1726-1735
Paul Richard, 1735-1739
John Cruger, 1739-1744
Stephen Bayard, 1744-1747
Edward Holland, 1747-1757
John Cruger, Jr., 1757-1766
Whitehead Hicks, 1766-1776
David Matthews, 1776-1783
Pre-consolidation Mayors
James Duane, 1784-1789
Richard Varick, 1789-1801
Edward Livingston , 1801-1803
DeWitt Clinton, 1803-1807
Marinus Willett, 1807-1808
DeWitt Clinton, 1808-1810
Jacob Radcliff, 1810-1811
DeWitt Clinton, 1811-1815
John Ferguson, 1815
Jacob Radcliff, 1815-1818
Cadwallader D. Colden, 1818-1821
Stephen Allen, 1821-1824
William Paulding Jr., 1825-1826
Philip Hone, 1826-1827
William Paulding Jr., 1827-1829
Walter Bowne, 1829-1833
Gideon Lee, 1833-1834
Cornelius V. W. Lawrence, 1834-1837
Aaron Clark, 1837-1839
Isaac Varian, 1839-1841
Robert Morris, 1841-1844
James Harper, 1844-1845
William Havemeyer, 1845-1846
Andrew H. Mickle, 1846-1847
William Brady, 1847-1848
William Havemeyer, 1848-1849
Caleb S. Woodhull, 1849-1851
Ambrose Kingsland, 1851-1853
Jacob A. Westervelt, 1853-1855
Fernando Wood, 1855-1858
Daniel F. Tiemann, 1858-1860
Fernando Wood, 1860-1862
George Opdyke, 1862-1864
Charles Godfrey Gunther, 1864-1866
John T. Hoffman, 1866-1868
Thomas Coman, 1868
Abraham Oakey Hall, 1869-1872
William F. Havemeyer, 1873-1874
Samuel B. H. Vance, 187
William H. Wickham, 1875-1876
Smith Ely Jr., 1877-1878
Edward Cooper, 1879-1880
William R. Grace, 1881-1882
Franklin Edson, 1883-188
William R. Grace, 1885-1886
Abram S. Hewitt, 1887-1888
Hugh L. Grant, 1889-1892
Thomas F. Gilroy, 1893-1894
William L. Strong, 1895-1897
Post-consolidation Mayors
Robert A. Van Wyck, 1898- 1901
Seth Low, 1902-1903
George B. McClellan Jr., 1904-1909
William J. Gaynor, 1910- 1913
Ardolph L. Kline, 1913-1913
John P. Mitchel, 1914-1917
John F. Hylan, 1918-1925
James J. Walker, 1926-1932
Joseph V. McKee, 1932
John P. O'Brien, 1933
Fiorello H. La Guardia, 1934-1945
William O'Dwyer, 1946-1950
Vincent R. Impellitteri, 1950-1953
Robert F. Wagner Jr., 1954-1965
John V. Lindsay, 1966-1973
Abraham D. Beame, 1974-1977
Edward I. Koch, 1978-1989
David N. Dinkins, 1990-1993
Rudolph W. Giuliani, 1994-2001
Michael R. Bloomberg, 2002-2013
Bill de Blasio, January 1, 2014-
The Office of the Mayor, Early Mayors' Records are arranged chronologically into thirty series based on each mayoral administration. Mayors who served for multiple non-consecutive terms will have more than one series.
Within these series, a staff archivist arranged materials by subject or department and then chronologically within those groupings. Researchers can assume that very little of the material retains any original arrangement. Materials within folders were arranged by a staff archivist in chronological order, except where doing so would interfere with any remnant of the original order of the material. Within most series, the folders are arranged alphabetically by subject and then chronologically within those subjects.
Guide to the records of the Early Mayors, 1826-1897
Rhea E. Pliakas
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