New York County (N.Y.)

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Almshouse ledgers collection

Collection REC-0008
Abstract: The records of the Almshouse Ledger Collection represent the activities of the institutions under the purview of various city departments on Blackwell’s Island. Records in this collection date from 1758 to 1952, with the bulk of the records falling between 1832 and 1925. This collection represents a comprehensive, yet incomplete collection of materials produced by each department overseeing the Almshouses and their related entities. These records document the social service, cultural, medical...
Dates: 1758-1952

Bernhard Goetz closed case files

Collection REC-0073
Abstract: On December 22, 1984, Bernard H. Goetz shot and wounded four men in a New York City subway train as an alleged act of self-defense. The incident gained national attention and resulted in a controversial case that involved several appeals and motions. This collection contains the files from the New York County District Attorney’s office for the criminal case and various subsequent motions.
Dates: 1962-1991; bulk 1985-1987

Bodies in Transit registers

Collection REC-0052
Abstract: This collection consists of bound volumes recording the transportation of bodies in, out and through Manhattan during 1859-1894. These records were maintained by various iterations of New York City’s Health Department to prevent and track disease and death in the city.
Dates: 1859-1894

Carlo Tresca assassination closed case files

Collection REC-0067
Abstract: Carlo Tresca, an early-20th century Italian-American newspaper editor, labor organizer, and vocal anti-fascist, was assassinated in New York City on January 11, 1943. This collection contains the New York County District Attorney’s investigation files into his assassination.
Dates: 1943-1955; 1943-1950

Early Mayors records

Collection REC-0002
Abstract: This collection consists of an incomplete collection of materials produced by the Office of the Mayor of New York City between 1826 and 1897.
Dates: 1826-1897

New York City historical vital records

Collection REC-0051
Abstract: This collection consists of historical vital records created and/or maintained by the City of New York, and historical vital records created and/or maintained by municipalities that were once located within the boundaries of the present-day City of New York that were dissolved or annexed prior to January 1, 1898. These former towns were located in Kings, Queens, Richmond, and Westchester counties. Types of records in this collection are primarily birth, marriage, and death registers,...
Dates: 1760-1949; bulk 1847-1949

New York County jury census

Collection REC-0055
Abstract: This collection consists of bound volumes containing tally sheets of jury census returns for the city and county of New York. The tallies were taken to determine the eligibility of jurors and list persons and property by ward number for the years 1816, 1819, and 1821. Of particular demographic interest in these three censuses is the inclusion of women with identification by name, residence, age, and occupation or social status, during a time period when women were ineligible to serve as jurors.
Dates: 1816, 1819, 1821

Supreme Court index for insolvent assignments (bankruptcy proceedings) for 1754 to 1863

Collection ACC-1991-055
Dates: 1754-1863

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New York County (N.Y.)

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